DAT Power includes a feature to help carriers find better paying lanes. To find these lanes, you will start by doing a load search. The search must include a city for both the origin and destination for the TriHaul feature to be enabled.

In the example provided here, you can see that the Broker Spot rate average for the Dallas, TX to Denver, CO lane is $1.85 a mile. However, Best TriHaul is indicating that their are lanes nearby that are paying an average of $2.17 a mile. To see these lanes, you will click on the Best TriHaul link.

Under Direct Route you will see your original lane and the details of the rate. In this case, Dallas, TX (752xx) to Denver, CO (802xx) with an average linehaul rate of $1.62/mile.

Under Route Through, we will show you what you can make by routing from Dallas to one of these other options. With TriHaul, you can see that finding a load from Dallas to Little Rock can earn you an average of $1.94/mile, a full $0.32 more than your original route.

As a carrier, you can use this tool to stitch together loads that can pay much more money, while keeping you in the same geographical area.